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Velveteen Lops

Darkside Manor's Angry Light "Flynn"

Orange- Buck

Sire: Darkside Manor's Dirty Road (Brkn Blk)

Dam: Darkside Manor's Face of the Earth 


Sleepy Hollow's Soma

Blue (Chocolate Carrier)- Doe

Sire: Velvet Nation's Black (Black-Choc


Dam: DJ's Tequila (Lilac)

Sleepy Hollow's Baru

Chocolate- Doe

Sire: Velvet Nation's Black (Black-Choc


Dam: DJ's Tequila (Lilac)

Hares For You Pandora

Broken Black - Doe

Sire: Lops Unlimited Vegas (Black Otter)

Dam: HMJ's Amy (Bkn Steel-Black (G Tp'd)

Sleepy Hollow's Guinness

Broken Chocolate - Buck

Sire: Velvet Nation's Chocolate Tort

(Brkn Torted Chocolate)

Dam:  DJ's Tequila (Lilac)

 Project Rabbits to Improve Ear Length


One Lop Too Many's Charlie

Chocolate - Buck (In molt in picture)

Sire: One Lop Too Many's Blondie (Tort-


Dam: Richards Rabbitry Licorice (Black)

Double Maned Lionheads


J'Amore's DT5

Black - Doe

Sire: Roy's H30 (Black)

Dam: J'Amore's Rain (Black)

One of her Tort daughters has won BOV in 

several East Coast shows.

J'Amore's Cain

Blue- Buck

Sire: J'Amore's Eddy (Blue)

Dam: Roy's Nibbles (Black)

Fuzzbutt's Poofy

Chinchilla VM- Doe

Sire: Fuzzbutt's Peanut (Harle)

Dam: Diane's Snowy (BEW)

FCR- Snow Flake

Pointed White- Black- Doe

Sire: J'Amore's Popper (Pointed White-Black)

Dam: FCR Cricket (Siamese Sable)

Holland Lops

Muddy Creek's Carmella

Broken Chocolate Doe

Sire: Mts Holland's Mojo (Broken Choc)

Dam: Muddy Creek's Prada (Chocolate)


EQW's Rosko Ray "Buster"

Broken Black (Chocolate Carrier) - Buck

Sire: EQW's Sugar Bear (Black Tort)

Dam: FCR Donova (Broken Black)